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    If you re looking for a professional and modern dental clinic with friendly and experienced staff, I recommend you to visit Platinum dental group. Highly recommended for any type of treatment. Great service from Dr Lan.

    Jeremy Maman, France

  • malaysia

    I couldn't believe the beautiful result. I work as a model and frequently was told that I should fix my upper right teeth-gap with Veneers. I chose for Platinum in Ho Chi Minh as the doctor (Ms. Tran) there was known to one of my female model colleagues who had heard many good stories. After a first telephone interview I traveled to Vietnam and was offered the accommodation at the clinic, which is very conveniently located close to the city center. After I finished, I couldn't believe the beautiful result, even family, friends and my agency were totally impressed with the new smile that Dr. Tran created for me. I can highly recommend the clinic for Smile Design treatment. The clinic is very centrally and conveniently located in central Ho Chi Minh City. The clinic is very clean and staff speaks English as well and they are very friendly and attentive. It left very modern and good impression.

    Ayla, Malaysia

  • nz

    The best choice I could have made. Platinum dental is the only dental clinic in ho chi minh city you should use for your treatment. This is the best clinic, I have tried many. The team of several dentists speak english and are excellent in their work. I did implants and it was the best choice I could have made. In auckland where I stay, dentists are outrageously expensive and I have had many problems in the past. When I was recommended platinum dental group from another friend in australia. I first set up appointments with various clinics to find out more and the open friendly approach of the team at platinum made me go for it after I had been to three other recommended clinics in ho chi minh. The problem I felt with the other clinics was that they were more keen on me booking their services with various surprising fees rather than being a valued customer. I shared with the doctor at platinum that I knew them via my friend and had heard good stories about the treatments but at the same time also shared my concerns. The doctor explained the clinics latest operational methods and showed me examples of other similar treatments. After a detailed preparation process, and a few sessions I today have such good feeling about the treatment, no problems and a great aftercare. The doctors were open for any question and guaranteed their support in case I would encounter problems which is not the case. It was a great experience with high quality latest technology and implants as well as great service and aftercare. I would always come back from new zealand to do the treatment here, and keep in mind you can safe lots of money and still enjoy a nice holiday in vietnam afterwards ;) thank you doctor lan & team. Outstanding, best clinic in Ho Chi Minh, highly recommended. For me this is what a leading dental practice looks like.

    James, New Zealand

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    I could not be more happy with the results and the fact that I selected Platinum. I had multiple class I and II cavities that required several visits as they were in upper / lower and right / left jaw. I selected ceramic inlay for 2 of the cavities as they were runned down pretty bad. Dr. Tran's advised me for the inlays as they have greater lifetime then an ordinary filling and based on very modern teeth technology by 3M. Dr. Tran kindly exchanged the inlays after they were made in the lab as the tone colour did not match my natural tooth colour, although we carefully selected the tone prior to ordering them. I selected Platinum out of 4 other prominent international clinics in HCM which all I believe meet the quality and safety standard I required. While the price was an important factor, it was not the deal-breaker. I rather valued the time and personal care the clinic would put into my treatment as I knew that it would be a long one with many visits. Platinum is a medium-sized clinic with modern facilities runned by Dr. Tran and Associates. Centrally located in District 1. After my first appointment with Dr. Tran I received a detailed plan showcasing each tooth that would need a treatment. The plan was made in 3 price categories based on my budget. For the second consultation, Dr Tran explained in detail the pros and cons with each plan and what I would need to consider for longterm mouth health. The effort Dr. Tran and her staff put into my treatment was exactly what I searched for and I could not be more happy with the results and the fact that I selected Platinum.

    Lian, Vietnam

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    A native Vietnamese, I moved to the US many years ago, but have difficulties in affording dental treatments in the US. Via, I found Platinum Dental Group and contacted the clinic. During my visit home to Vietnam, I met two doctors and explained that I needed a cost efficient but professional treatment for implants as I miss multiple teeth on both the upper and lower part of my jaw. A few months later now, we have completed the treatment and I am very happy, not only did the price meet my requirements but also finally I can chew again properly and feel overall much more positive. The service was great and it was the right choice.

    Jack, US

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    I finally can smile and have perfect teeth thanks to my Veneers. I came here for closing the gap between my teeth. Dr Lan suggested me to replace my two front teeth and add two veneers because the space was too big. I received the best suggestion and a very professional work from the clinic. Before my teeth tend to go a forward but after the treatment I finally can smile and have perfect teeth. Staff very friendly, all the doctors can speak English fluently. The prices are very affordable compare to Europe. highly recommended for every type of treatment. All the dentist paid attention to every details to meet customers satisfaction. I received the best suggestions for a great treatment.

    Jeremy, Vietnam

  • Australian-owned-business

    "I received 1st class treatment at a fraction of the cost". A friend of mine in Perth-Australia recommended me to visit Platinum Dental Clinic when I was having a holiday in Vietnam. At first, I just wanted to do some simple one-off treatments like cleaning, filling and whitening. Then I decided to have my 2 wisdom teeth extracted. To my surprise, it was no pain whatsoever during or after the extraction. I did wonder why the dentist gave me some pain relief tablets. To be honest, I received 1st class treatment at a fraction of the cost. I am considering doing orthodontic treatment when I come back next time. I highly recommend anyone having your holiday in Vietnam to pay Platinum Dental Clinic a visit.

    Thi, Australia

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    "You really get what you pay for". I have had a variety of dental treatments in this clinic, including general check-ups, clean-ups, tooth whitening, and removal of wisdom tooth. All treatments have been performed professionally and carefully. You really get what you pay for. I also need to do dental implant and will definitely go to them. I chose this clinic because of its experienced and highly qualified dentists. I always receive exceptional treatments, the facilities are new and clean and staffs are very friendly. A clinic with such full package is hard to find anywhere in Saigon. I could not recommend them more highly."

    Huong, Australia

  • Sharon-Hunter-1

    "My teeth and forehad now look great as a result of my Treatment for Wrinkles and Teeth Whitening. My teeth look so much better now , I've never had laser whitening before, my teeth were sensitive for 1 day and have been fine ever since. No tea or coffee has been hard, I would highly recommend having this done . My treatment for wrinkles was just in the forehead and I had 32 units. My forehead is nice and smooth now , no problems. Very clean clinic , staff very friendly, very reasonable priced compared to NZ prices. Would definitely go back on my next visit to Vietnam.

    Sharon, New Zealand

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    All done in a couple of days. I have 15 implants from and Cancun, Mexico. I was looking to go home, Vietnam, after so long apart. The second phase of All in 6 is my opportunity. I research and inquiry ton of dental clinics from Sai Gon to Ha Noi. Platinum Dental Group is one of my top list with cost, doctor credential, lab, accommodation, fast and honest response. Dr Thanh Nhàn although was not graduated from US or foreign country, but she is a top, experienced and well known dentist in Sài Gòn. Just a quick note that I had made a right decision to choose Platinum Dental Group for my whole mouth Zirconia teeth. Office has a partnership with Cetech dental lab operate 24/7 to fabricate upper/lower full mouth within couple days. The All in 6, full mouth completed within 5 days vs. 10-20 days typical. They will treat you as part of their family member instead of cost vs profit. Also they make sure those new teeth color, shape to match and enhance your appearance. I am very highly recommend Platinum Dental group for all your dental needs. You will have a perfect smile and vacation free becuase of the tremedous of saving. The best dental clinic I highly recommend.

    Charlie Vo, US

  • Anna

    Modern and professional. I live in HCMC and I did see quite a fee dental clinics. The Platinium Dental is the best of what I have visit not only in Vietnam. Professional and experienced crew, modern techniques and equipment. Clean, stylish interiors. Reasonable prices. I do recommend with all my heart. Great doctor, great clinic. Nice, excellent, clean. Nice design. Calm place! I recommend with all my heart! Next time I will choose this clinic! Everything is new, modern and professional! I love this place

    Anna, Vietnam

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    Great in any dental work you need. While visiting a friend in Saigon with my wife and step son. My step son heard from another tourist that he was in Vietnam for dental work. So I asked my friend if he knew of a good, safe dentist. He referred me to Platinum Dental Group in Saigon. The moment I walked into the clinic I knew this was a place to get my dental work done. The clinic is new with all the latest equipment and the dentist trained in Toronto Canada. I told the dentist that my dentist in the US said I needed to have two old silver fillings replaced with crowns. After x-rays and digital photos we set an appointment for the next day. When I arrived the dentist said she had been thinking about my need for crowns all evening and suggested that instead of crowns I get inlays because they are less invasive and leave more of the original tooth. I agreed and work began. amazingly she was able to extract the old fillings and replace them with the inlays without medication. I never had dental work done so gently before. She found more work I needed and when we were all through several days later I had the two fillings replaced with inlays, two old broken crowns replace, and two small fillings filled all of which cost slightly more than the one crown my dentist was going to do. I HIGHLY recommend the dentist and the entire staff at Platinum Dental Group for any dental work you might be considering. Their specialty is cosmetic and Implants but thy are great an any dental work you need. Fantastic- Never had dental work done without the need for medication before. The dentist was so gently. I HIGHLY recommend her and her entire staff. The clinic is new exceptionally clean with the most up to date equipment. The staff makes you feel welcome the moment you walk in the door. There is even an apartment available for patients requiring multiple days of dental work. I can't say enough about how great my experience was.

    Bob, US

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    The dentist repaired my tooth quickly and painlessly. I broke a front tooth and had a filling to repair and rebuild it. Not only would I recommend Platinum to a friend, I already have! In comparison to US prices their prices are incredible with service just as good or even better. My dentist is clearly passionate about dentistry. I broke a tooth on the weekend. Called Platinum (I had a friend from before go to them so I knew they were good) and they got me in as soon as I could get there on Monday. The dentist repaired my tooth quickly and painlessly. It was a front tooth and I can’t tell that I had ever broken it. Well done! The entire clinic gives you the feeling that this is a great, friendly and professional clinic. My Dentist Ms Lan Anh was trained in Canada. She’s very skilled and really caring too. They have all the equipment that my best dentist in the US ever had. The place is incredibly clean and the staff are really well trained and pleasant. They even have special facilities for kids. And beautiful overnight accommodations for foreigners who want to come for extended work. Very well thought out clinic. The best of what I have been to in Vietnam, and I’ve been here for 11 years. Hats off to you and many thanks!!! You have my business from now on!

    Guy Gonyea, US

  • eddy

    Very happy and satisfied with the results.Hi, My name is Eddy Sugiarto from Jakarta, Indonesia. Last week I had a laser whitening treatment at Platinum Dental Clinic and I am very happy and satisfied with the result. I am very happy and satisfied with the service and result. My teeth become white now and I feel more confident. I will come again to Platinum clinic if I visit Ho chi minh next time. Your dental clinic is very premium, clean and comfortable. Thanks to ms. Lan Anh Tran and team.

    Eddy, Indonesia

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    My teeth are a little sensitive so I only had 1 laser treatment I spent quite a bit of time looking through for a decent place to get my teeth whitened at a reasonable price. I ended up going with Platinum and was very please. Really professional service, excellent communication skills, excellent English and a very competitive price in comparison to the other clinics. The surgery was immaculate with state of the art facilities. My partner and I got our teeth whitened and also got treatment for wrinkles. I had a great experience. My teeth are a little sensitive so I only had 1 laser treatment, but my partner got 3. I cannot fault the service and professionalism. I will be going back when I next visit Vietnam!

    April, Launceston

  • Tobias

    Looks real, natural and the fit was great from the first day I was recommended Dr Lan Anh / Platinum Dental because of their reputation as best place for Smile Design in Vietnam. They did an entire smile makeover process and the results are phenomenal. My friends don't recognize that the four teeth that were replaced are not my original teeth. It looks real, natural and the fit was great from the first day we tried. The dentist here are highly skilled and were very helpful with clear explanations of the working process. I can highly recommend the clinic. I send my mom afterwards for implants and she was very happy with the results as well. Friendly, English speaking Dentists and Staff. Everyone here is very helpful and kind. For me, the best Dental Clinic I have been to in Ho Chi Minh City (and in an easy accessible, central location).

    Tobias, Vietnam

  • Sheena

    My crowns look as natural as real Service given was superb. The whole team ( staffs , dentists, assistants) is caring and attentive also worked well and patiently to provide customer satisfaction. My crowns look as natural as real.

    Sheena, Hongkong

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    Platinum dental group are highly recommended for their dedication I came first for an urgency, and I have been impressed by the short delays (few hours) and high-quality treatments Then I’ve decided to come back to Platinium and become loyal because I felt very welcome and comfortable both by the friendly competence of the staff, the pleasant environment of the modern office and brand-new equipment. Dr. Lan Anh inspires the utmost confidence by her smile, her skill, and professionalism. She speaks fluently French and English which is very convenient to exchange about specific cares. Dr Lan Anh and everyone at Platinum dental group are highly recommended for their dedication. Merci beaucoup.

    Verduron, France

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    I went to Platinum for teeth cleaning. Doctors speak English and welcoming me with any questions. She gave me a tour around the clinic as well. It was very nice experience and it was reasonable price. My teeth became very clean and shiny after the cleaning. I booked it for my husband the next day. I will go back there again.

    Meiko, Yabana

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    My friend James, needed an emergency porcelain onlay as his snapped off whilst traveling. We found Platinum whilst we were on our way to the dental hospital. We went in to enquire and found the staff very personable and professional and the price so low in comparison to england so we decided to get treatment there. It was done to a high standard and he was extremely satisfied. I also had my bottom teeth whitened at the fraction of the cost in the UK. Dr Anna and Thao were a pleasure to deal with. If you are having more work done, you can also stay in their apartment on the premises free of charge ! When my veneers start to go, I will happily fly to Vietnam and have them done at Platinum. It will save a fortune ! Thank you all so much ! Xx

    Denise Crisell, UK